Please ensure you read and agree to all terms and conditions.

I Agree / Understand that:

Data Sim(s) provided by MO Devices with a connected device being purchased.

  • I am agreeing that the ownership of the provided services (i.e. data sim and esim) will be in the service providers name.
  • In the event that I wish to transfer my service(s) out of the service provider I will provide 30 days written notice and ensure all outstanding balances owing including any hardware are finalised. I understand the transfer cannot occur until I have a nil balance owing to the Service Provider;
  • In the event that I wish to transfer my service(s) out of Service Provider it is only possible to do so into a personal or business name (subject to Telstra’s credit approval) on a casual plan with Telstra;
  • In the event I would like to take my service(s) to another carrier, I would need to transfer my service into a name with Telstra first, then arrange to port to the alternative network;

12 Month Data Promotion

Included data promotion terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and the promotion may be withdrawn at out discretion without notice.

In the event that I decide to transfer an existing service to MO Devices’ Service Provider.

    • Transferring my service(s) from my existing service provider may affect my current pricing. I have checked my existing plan terms and conditions with my current provider before agreeing to this transfer;
    • I will remain liable for all existing debts incurred on my current service(s) and will pay for them in full prior to the date of transfer, including any applicable Early Termination Charges (ETCs);
    • I will lose access to all stored Messages as these will be deleted when my service is transferred to our Provider;
    • Acceptance of my request to transfer to the Service Provider is subject to Telstra’s ordinary credit approval process;
    • I will not seek to recover any loss I have suffered or may suffer (either directly or indirectly) as a result of this transfer;
    • I am agreeing to transfer the ownership of my service(s) to the Service Provider;

Terms & Conditions applicable to existing services and to MO Devices provided services.

  • If I do not pay my bill by the due date, my service may be disconnected. To have my service reconnected I would incur a reconnection fee per number of $59 (incl GST) if a business, or $33 (incl GST) if a consumer, to be paid in full to have my service reconnected;
  • You may contact me via SMS, email or phone call;
  • The commercial agreement the Service Provider has entered into with Telstra is subject to clauses such as *Fair Play Policies and reasonable use, therefore if my usage is deemed to contravene the agreement the Service Provider’s have in place I am aware that the you deserve the right to change my plan or terminate my agreement after 30 days of written notice. Prior to this occurring I am aware that you would contact me to outline the required action to resolve the breach of agreement with at least 90 days notice. The simple version is if you exceed the nominated data allowance more than 3 months in a row, Telstra may require us to increase your plan cost up to the next highest plan $45 to $65, $65 to $125 and so on. See here for full terms and conditions regarding Telstra’s Fair Play Policy(page 12);
  • If I add hardware to my account I can choose to pay for it in full up front, or pay it out over a 24 month period; however if I wish to leave the plan before the 24 months is up, I must pay any outstanding equipment balance in full first;
  • I have read and understand all statements made in this application form. As the Individual, Director, Legal Lessee or a listed Authorised Representative of the Outgoing Customer, I am requesting that the legal responsibility of the services listed above be transferred to the Incoming Customer whose details are included in this form.

If you have any questions regarding our T&C’s please email: Your question may be answered here, at our FAQ page.